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Immobilien Investments auf Mallorca

5 types of real estate investments in Mallorca

Mallorca Investment Real Estate Do you want to leave your money in the bank where it only loses value? Looking for a lucrative investment? Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? Now you are in the right place!     Lucas Froese Real Estate  specialises in investment properties in Mallorca (together with the…

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Luxusimmobilien Felanitx Mallorca

Holiday rental Mallorca

Looking for a holiday property in Mallorca? You probably know this, next summer is coming up again, and so is the choice of the desired holiday destination. After some meetings with the family, you come to the conclusion that you definitely want to return to Mallorca. After all, Mallorca is one of the most beautiful…

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Inmobiliaria Lucas Froese Real Estate

Interview about us in the Crónica Balear newspaper

We are very happy!! Crónica Balear has interviewed us to find out a little more about our real estate agency, our team and our working philosophy. In the interview in the Spanish online newspaper, we talk about us, our beginnings and our philosophy in relation to dealing with customers. Inmobiliaria Lucas Froese Real Estate“Lucas Froese…

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Mallorca Home Staging

How do I sell my house in Mallorca?

How can I significantly increase the chances of selling my house in Mallorca?   Do you do “Home Staging”? That is, do you adapt the design and appearance of the house to make it more attractive? This can be achieved by furniture, colours (preferably light, such as white, grey or beige), accessories etc. can be…

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