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Santanyi Mallorca

Santanyi is located in the southeast of Mallorca and is also known as the island’s golden city due to its unique sandstone buildings. Picturesque dream bays, picturesque villages and an impressive infrastructure make Santanyi an incredibly popular residential area. The city belongs to one of the driest regions of the Balearic Islands and is particularly popular with Germans due to its hot summers and short winters – after all, almost 10% of the population are German emigrants who find their quiet, rural and authentic place to live in Santanyi have found.

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Santanyi history and culture

The city’s ambience is made for creative people. Santanyi has always attracted artists from all over the world who have settled here over the years. Art still plays an essential role these days. In the small, sweet streets you can marvel at a wide variety of galleries, take part in workshops and explore the city’s ornate buildings.

The city’s residents all know each other and love to chat with the neighbors every now and then or to watch the daily routine from one of the many terraces of the main square with a good coffee or a glass of wine.

There is of course also a lot to discover historically in Santanyi. The large city gate, the Porta Murada, with its city walls are still symbols of the fear that prevailed at that time due to the regular pirate attacks. There is also plenty to see in nearby Cala Llonga, including the remains of the fortress built in the 18th century, as well as defense towers and loopholes.

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Saturday is market day in Santanyi. Residents like to meet here for breakfast in one of the cozy cafés and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. The Santanyi Market is one of the most beautiful markets on the island – you can stroll comfortably through the market stalls, admire galleries and art studios.

The city is also known for excellent restaurants, some of which also offer live music and thus ensure an unforgettable ambience. Another exciting destination is a boat tour to the Cabrera nature reserve. The crystal clear water is a paradise for divers and the scenery and plants make for a beautiful sight.

If you are particularly longing for the typically romantic Mediterranean flair, you can visit the port of Cala Figuera, a really cute port town that is only a few kilometers away from Santanyi. Another quiet port city is Porto Petro, where you can comfortably enjoy the sunset with a view of the picturesque harbor.

Santanyi's magical beaches

Santany offers 35 kilometers of coastline with breathtaking sandy beaches. Here you can relax in the sun or practice one of the many water sports. The most popular beaches in the city include the natural beach Caló des Moro, the bay of Cala Llombards, the picturesque Cala Santanyi, as well as the fig bay of Cala Figuera and the Mondragò nature park.

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Properties in Santanyi

The island’s beautiful residential areas are in great demand worldwide and are particularly popular with young families, nature lovers, art enthusiasts and wealthy emigrants who want a traditional, authentic and high quality of life, characterized by nature and lots of culture. The properties vary in size, structure and style, depending on whether you want a town house in the center, a country house in the countryside or a holiday villa on the beach. The advantages of real estate in Santanyi are shops, schools, services, good medical care and a wide range of sports facilities. In addition, there are some of the most beautiful bays and stalls in Santanyi and the unique architecture gives the city a wonderful Mediterranean character that you can hardly find anywhere else. In the past few decades, Santanyi has also become more and more popular and real estate is becoming more expensive every day – a city where dreams come true and an investment is definitely worthwhile.