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Luxusimmobilien Felanitx Mallorca

Holiday rental Mallorca

Looking for a holiday property in Mallorca? You probably know this, next summer is coming up again, and so is the choice of the desired holiday destination. After some meetings with the family, you come to the conclusion that you definitely want to return to Mallorca. After all, Mallorca is one of the most beautiful…

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Incidental costs when buying property in Mallorca

When the decision is made to buy a property, all illusions and energies are used to achieve what is known as your dream home. The crucial and sometimes unknown issue is the ancillary purchase costs that this process entails. This article lists the points and costs to consider for both the seller and the buyer,…

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Inselzeitung Mallorca Lucas Froese IZ

We’re in the island newspaper “Die Inselzeitung” !

That’s right! The newspaper “Die Inselzeitung” was so nice to write an article about us. We have used this moment to convey our company philosophy and talked about the real estate market in the southeast of Mallorca. Read the article again here: (Click here) Do you regularly read the newspaper? And if so, which ones?…

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Golf Mallorca Vall D'Or

Golf in Mallorca

Are you a passionate golfer? Do you live in Mallorca, do you like to spend your holidays here or do you intend to buy your holiday home? Then we leave you here at a glance all the golf courses in Mallorca. From west to east, as you can see, Mallorca is a golfer’s paradise. our…

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